Who We Are

STERNCO Engineers, Inc. is a full service engineering firm providing quality service since 1992. We were founded by John Sternitzke, P.E. We are located in the historic Gandolfo Theatre, which is owned and was remodeled by John himself. We are happy to provide any and all types of services your project may need. Please refer to What we do for a detailed listing of our capabilities.


John was raised in Yuma and began his engineering career in the industrial sector as a plant engineer. Seeing the need for local engineering services in Yuma, John took the leap and hung his shingle August 28, 1992 providing Mechanical, Plumbing, and Fire Protection (MPF) engineering services. As Sternco developed, he saw a need to add an Electrical Engineering department, which has been an integral part of the firm since 2006. Sternitzke has also added other services as the building industry has evolved, and thus growing STERNCO to be able to provide those services projects in the Desert Southwest require.

Vision & Goals

We endeavor to provide our clients with the highest quality mechanical, plumbing, fire, and electrical plans possible. Sternco is an excellent team member and team leader. We strengthen any team by way of knowledge of existing and cutting-edge mechanical systems, energy-savings cost measures, best sustainability design practices and specifications, a high level of coordination, and by being an excellent team leader.

We are a local firm who can truly provide the type of service your project needs. Being local means having the availability of our staff to be in tune with the project from start to finish. Scheduling meetings, field visits, and testing become much simpler when all the participants are on the same team and in the same geographic location.